Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers

As promised, the slides that I used for the web dev session in Visual Studio:

Key topics were:

  • Intellisense everywhere: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web.Config
  • Building your own Smart Tag
  • Browser Link
  • Voice Commands


Visug day

As some of you might know (and if you don’t, you know it now), I’m a VISUG board member since a few months. My job will be helping Gill Cleeren and Pieter Gheysens with organizing events and stuff like that.

One of the cool things that I could help with is the organization of VISUGDAY.

“Visug is celebrating its 7th anniversary. We thought it would be a great idea to organize our first conference. Tada, Visug Day is born. Internationally renowned speakers are joining us for 3 tracks of deep-dive training. The only thing that’s standing between you and a fully-equipped brain is that register button. Go ahead, click it and mark April 17 in your agenda!”

As a web developer I’m very glad to see that there is a track on HTML and things that are going on on the web.

  • A lap around WinJs
  • Implementing MVVM in WinJS
  • Real World ASP.NET MVC for developers and architects
  • Just cause it’s JavaScripts doesn’t give you right to write rubbish

No hard feelings if you choose to follow the Windows 8 or ALM sessions Glimlach

So if you are not subscribed yet, go to the VISUGDAY site and register before it’s too late


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HTML5 presentation for visug @ combell

As promissed, here are my HTML5 slides that I used for the visug presentation @ combell.

I want to thank Pieter and Gill for giving the opportunity and hope that I can give more sessions in the future for the visug. For those who know me, keep an eye on the besug site because there are some interesting things going on. More on this later.

Off course also a big thanks to combell, nick and romy for their effort, time and cava.

Some people are asking questions about the HTML5 framework that I used yesterday. From the moment that I finished it, I will put it online Glimlach, it only works in 2 browsers at the moment, so I need to do some work to finish it up.

I had a great evening yesterday and I hope you enjoyed it too.

gr K.