Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers

As promised, the slides that I used for the web dev session in Visual Studio:

Key topics were:

  • Intellisense everywhere: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web.Config
  • Building your own Smart Tag
  • Browser Link
  • Voice Commands


Get your SharePoint site on a mobile device using HTML and CSS

Here are my slides that I used for the responsive design session in SharePoint 2013 at SharePoint Saturday. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Key takeaways are:

  • don’t wait to make your sites available for mobile devices, the time is now
  • device channels is the sharepoint solution when you want to deliver different content and pages to different devices
  • media queries is the solution to deliver the same content to all devices

If you ask me what the best option is, I would go for the media queries.



If you are serious about web development, take a look on modern.IE

Writing cool HTML and CSS code is not always the easiest thing to do, specially if you need to get it working on older browsers. is  Microsofts effort to make this easier for you. is a dev center with free (yes free) tools and resources to spend more time building your web applications instead of testing it on older browsers.

  • Download virtual machines
  • Scan a webpage for common coding issues
  • Test BrowserStack for 3 months.


Let’s talk CSS

cssIt is official now, the CSS Workinggroup dropped the 3 out of CSS3.

CSS is not just one product, it is a collection of separate modules which can live independent from each other.

Therefore new modules can be added without creating a new CSS version.

So the time has come to drop the 3 and just talk about CSS. If you want to have an overview of all CSS features click on the CSS WG link here.


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Use HTML5 to build what you want, where you want it

For all those students who want to download the presentation I gave at the techdays, find them on slideshare:

I had a great time, and I hope that I could inspire you to create awesome windows 8 applications using your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills.

I also found some pictures that a few of my colleagues took during the session for those who want to have an impression of how it was:

BElxhHQCEAEB_uh d07ba376858a11e2902122000a9e5160_7 BElur79CUAE3Gts


If you also have image sabout the session, please mail them.


Capitalize first letter with CSS

Maybe stupid, maybe handy, maybe awesome. I don’t know if you already this one, I did but I saw a few people struggling with it.

How do you capitalize the first letter of a paragraph or li or whatever…

Very simple:

    text-transform: capitalize;

there you go, think of something like tip of the daySmile

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