Visug day

As some of you might know (and if you don’t, you know it now), I’m a VISUG board member since a few months. My job will be helping Gill Cleeren and Pieter Gheysens with organizing events and stuff like that.

One of the cool things that I could help with is the organization of VISUGDAY.

“Visug is celebrating its 7th anniversary. We thought it would be a great idea to organize our first conference. Tada, Visug Day is born. Internationally renowned speakers are joining us for 3 tracks of deep-dive training. The only thing that’s standing between you and a fully-equipped brain is that register button. Go ahead, click it and mark April 17 in your agenda!”

As a web developer I’m very glad to see that there is a track on HTML and things that are going on on the web.

  • A lap around WinJs
  • Implementing MVVM in WinJS
  • Real World ASP.NET MVC for developers and architects
  • Just cause it’s JavaScripts doesn’t give you right to write rubbish

No hard feelings if you choose to follow the Windows 8 or ALM sessions Glimlach

So if you are not subscribed yet, go to the VISUGDAY site and register before it’s too late


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